Thanks for your messages …

Thank you for your support and all your messages. It affects us enormously! Pancake ever remain in our hearts. He made us smile and I hope he was pleased by my side. Pancake now remain one of the most appreciated rabbits on the web and photos and gif will be shared by the worldwide.

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My Pancake was the cutest bunny …

Even if the Christmas spirit is present all around us, for me this spirit flew today. My “shrimp”, my “ferret”, my rabbit, my darling, my love, my fur ball, Pancake has gone away …

He is being saved from his cage at night, he is mounted on a table and ate the avocado leaves. The leaves are toxic, it poisoned him.

It will forever remain in my heart and I am so sad to know he will not be there at my side.

Pancake soul reside forever on this Tumblr. Thank you for sharing, enjoyed this so cute rabbit that was my Pancake. You were 480 to follow these adventures and I think you would all thanked you licking your fingers and putting you next to you to ask you hugs.

Pancake was the best and will remain the cutest rabbits.

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